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Southwest promises aviation jobs with AirTran purchase

Budget American air carrier, Southwest Airlines, has bought the troubled AirTran Airways in a $1.4 billion deal that it promises will create a variety of aviation jobs and career opportunities.

The low-cost airline has taken on AirTran's existing debt and capitalized operating leases in the deal. The Texas-based company said it brought the total value of the deal to around $3.4 billion.

Southwest's chief executive, Gary Kelly, said the deal gave them an entry into key markets where they had previously not operated, including New York's LaGuardia airport, Boston's Logan, Baltimore/Washington, the Caribbean and Mexico. He said it offered the potential to create hundreds of new low-fare routes.

He said, "The acquisition of AirTran represents a unique opportunity to grow Southwest Airlines' presence in key markets we don't yet serve and takes a significant step towards positioning us for future growth."

Mr Kelly stressed that the deal "creates more jobs and career opportunities for our combined employee groups, as a whole." AirTran's chief executive, Bob Fornaro, said it was "great news" for the company's 8,000 staff, as well as their shareholders and customers.

The merger is the latest in a line of airline consolidations in the US, undertaken as the aviation industry struggles amid economic woes. Just last week Continental Airlines and United Airlines shareholders approved a merger between the two companies that will create the world's biggest airline.

Indian airlines lobby regulator over pilot jobs

Indian airlines have begun lobbying their aviation regulator to allow them to clearance to fill pilot jobs with foreign employees, or else face a dearth of skilled aviation staff.

Executives from top domestic Indian airlines, including Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines and Air India, met last week with Nasim Zaidi, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, to seek a blanker five-year clearance to employ foreign pilots.

The executives said the move was gaining in urgency, as they are preparing for a collective expansion of fleet strength by one third, to cope with the anticipated boom in passenger air traffic.

One of the officials said, "It's not just a requirement from a (flying) skills perspective, but from a safety perspective. If we don't have a Fata (foreign aircrew temporary authorization), which is globally allowed for five years or more, in the long-term you will not attract the best pilots."

India's airlines are expected to add 150 aircraft to their fleets before 2015, on top of the estimated 400 they currently run. The move would create more than 1,500 pilot jobs. The airlines are predicting that the accelerated economic growth in India will create a surge in passenger traffic - which has already seen a growth of 20 per cent year-on-year so far in 2010 alone.

The airline's lobbying follows the regulator's decree to phase out the 600 foreigner pilots currently employed in India - in a total pilot headcount of 4,000 - by July next year to create jobs.

Ryanair threatens job withdrawal from France

Ryanair has threatened to withdraw 120 aviation jobs from its Marseille base if the French government's investigation into the company's suspected flouting of labour laws continues.

The French authorities are undertaking an investigation into the company following claims that it has employed the Marseilles staff on Irish work contracts. The formal inquiry by magistrates in Aix-en-Provence follows the successful prosecution of easyJet and its Spanish rival, Vueling, after similar allegations.

One source in the French judiciary said the formal accusations are that Ryanair used clandestine workers, unlawfully filled cabin crew jobs and prevented the formation of workplace standards committees, as well as preventing unions from exercising their rights.

The Irish-based company could face a maximum fine of €225,000 if found guilty, but damages and compensation payments could lead to a far higher penalty. The company could be liable to pay retroactive social security charges for all its employees in Marseilles, going back to the launch of its base at the city's airport in 2006.

The carrier has responded to the suit with its own threats, including that it would close the $300 million Marseilles operation, which accounts for one fifth of the airport's operations. The has alarmed local politicians, but some have said it is "disgusting" that a company should try to use such threats to circumvent the law.

Obama decision threatens potential UK aviation jobs

An aerospace project in East Lancashire that would draw £35 million of investment as well as 100 aircraft jobs to the area could be in jeopardy if US President Barack Obama calls a halt to funding behind the project.

The initiative would see the manufacture of components of the new F136 jet engine at the Barnoldswick aviation plant, in a joint operation between US conglomerate GE and Rolls-Royce.

The plan for the engine was to have it made both by the GE-Rolls-Royce partnership and by American firm Pratt and Whitney. Aviation bosses said the theory behind this would be that two competing engines would reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

President Obama has, however, expressed reluctance to offer crucial government funding to the GE-Rolls-Royce project as he struggles to balance the US economy as it makes steady but slow progress on its way out of recession. The F136 would power the world-leading F-35 Lightning II aircraft.

Local MP for Burnley, Gordon Birtwistle, said the development was crucial for the area and for the continuing need to develop military aviation.

He said: “I hope that the European Union, in collaboration with all the aerospace companies, is starting to consider the next combat plane that will have to be developed after Eurofighter finishes."

South Africa wants more black African pilots

A 16-year initiative by South African Airways (SAA) to fill more of its pilot jobs with people from previously disadvantaged communities is failing, and has seen the South African Air Force (SAAF) step in to offer assistance.

One of the transformation programme's stated intentions was to train more black African pilots, but figures from last year still show that white men dominate the field. Figures from last year show that, of SAA's 789 pilots, 657 of them are white and just 37 of them are black.

The SAAF has now launched a scheme where it will take on 60 black African pilots each year and put them through a two-year training course. After training, the SAAF releases them to the reserve force and allows them to work for commercial airlines on the condition that they still carry out national service

The Air Force's director of policy, Major General Lucky Ngema, said, "They are allowed to work with commercial airlines, but serve a certain number of hours with the air force annually. They must find a balance between their job and serving the required hours in the air force,"

Aviation industry bosses in South Africa have warned the government that, unless it intervenes, there will be a worsening shortage of black African pilots.

'Super-airline' merger will give job stability, claim bosses

The new bosses behind the newly-merged United and Continental Airlines have said the move will ensure greater stability in its jobs in aviation. However, they have not said how many - if any - positions will be lost.

The merger was made official on Friday, creating the world's largest global commercial aviation carrier. The new unified company, known as United Continental Holdings Inc, now operates approximately 5,800 flights every day, serving 371 airports around the world. It has predicted revenues of about $35.4 billion in 2011 and around 80,000 employees. It will operate under the United Airlines banner, and gradually phase out the Continental branding.

New chief executive, Jeff Smisek - who was formerly the chief executive of Continental - said the employees were the company's greatest asset and they aimed to do the very best for them.

"Our outstanding team is the most important asset of the new airline," he said. "We will be working together to provide our co-workers with the right culture, tools and incentives to do their jobs well and to make them proud to work for the new United."

Smisek added that the new company creates a platform for greater job stability, career opportunities, and retirement security for its employees by being part of a larger, financially stronger and more geographically diverse carrier that is better able to compete successfully in the global marketplace.

New 787 training base established in Singapore

Singaporean media is reporting that Boeing has set up a major training base at the island nation's Changi Airport.

The base will be used to train people in a range of aviation jobs across South East Asia - including pilots, cabin crew and aircraft maintenance staff - to work on its 787 aircraft. The training base is thought to include two full-flight simulation machines, at a cost of between US$15-20 million each.

The two in Singapore will be among only eight in total that exist worldwide. There are two similar pieces of equipment in both Seattle and Tokyo, and one in both London and Shanghai.

The concentration of these simulators in the Far East reflects the booming growth in cabin crew jobs and pilot jobs in the region, as well as the jobs in maintenance that additional aircraft require.

The Boeing 787 is the first passenger jet to be made mostly from composite materials, which the manufacturer said consume less fuel, emit less noise and give out lower emissions than comparable planes. As well as offering staff training, the Singapore base will be the only place in the world apart from Boeing's Seattle headquarters where staff can be trained in the repair of composite materials.

Turkish Airlines takes delivery of first A330-300 and A330-200F

Turkish Airlines has taken delivery of its first Airbus A330-300 and first A330-200 Freighter at a delivery ceremony in Toulouse.  The aircraft, both powered by Rolls Royce engines, will support Turkish Airlines’ ambitious growth plans in both the passenger and cargo markets.

Joining the airlines existing passenger aircraft fleet of A320, A330-200 and A340 family aircraft, the A330-300, seating 28 passengers in business class and 261 in economy, will be used on medium and long range routes from the airline’s hub in Istanbul. It is the first of ten of the type ordered by Turkish Airlines in 2009.

The A330-200F will be used by Turkish Cargo on long haul routes to Shanghai and Hong Kong, and to expand the Turkish Cargo network.  It is the first of two A330-200 Freighter aircraft that will join the airlines existing all Airbus freighter fleet of four Airbus A310s.

“I am delighted to be adding two more A330 Family variants to our fleet” said Dr Temel Kotil, CEO of Turkish Airlines. “The benefits we will gain from the flexibility of the aircraft and commonality with our existing fleet will provide a strong basis for our continued growth.”

“We are proud to have worked with Turkish Airlines as they have evolved into one of the premier airlines in Europe and are delighted that they continue to choose Airbus aircraft to support their growth,” said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer Customers.  “All versions of the A330 family offer superior economics and reliability which continue to attract customers worldwide. They are truly the right aircraft for right now.”

Airbus aircraft share a unique cockpit and operational commonality, allowing airlines to use the same pool of pilots, cabin crews and maintenance engineers, bringing operational flexibility and resulting in significant cost savings.

With a true wide-body fuselage allowing very high comfort standards, the A330-300 is able to accommodate seat and class configurations to suit the diverse customer requirements. It has a range of up to 5,650 nm / 10,500 km with a full passenger load. Orders for the aircraft stand at more than 450.

The A330-200F is the latest addition to the highly successful A330 Family. Offering the lowest operating costs in its size category, it is the only modern mid-size, long haul, all-cargo aircraft capable of carrying 65 tonnes over 4,000nm/7,400km or 70 tonnes over 3,200nm/5,900km.

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 NACIL Air India Recruitment 2010 : CAPTAINS, FIRST OFFICERS
NACIL Air India Recruitment 2010 : CAPTAINS, FIRST OFFICERS Jobs in 
India, Current Careers, Latest Vacancies, Openings / opportunities
NACIL invites applications for the post of CAPTAINS & FIRST OFFICERS
from, B777 Type Rated Experienced Captains & First Officers. Pilots should be Indian
Citizens (wherever domiciled) belonging to the General/ Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe and Other
Backward Class Community, fulfilling the following requirements to fill up the vacancies in

NACIL-A on Contractual basis for five
years. (First Officers may be considered for permanent employment
depending upon Company requirement in the future).

a. For the Post of: Type Rated Captains: 40
(GEN: 21 SC: 6 ST: 3 OBC: 10)
b. For the Post of: Type Rated First Officers: 40
(GEN: 21 SC: 6 ST: 3 OBC: 10)

Candidates must possess following Technical Qualifications at the time
of Application: -
Captains: -
i. Current and valid ALTP Licence issued by Director General of Civil

Aviation, Govt. of
ii) Current and Valid B777 Endorsement on Indian ALTP
iii) Current and valid Instrument Rating Endorsement on B777 on Indian

iv) Current and valid FRTO Licence issued by Director General of Civil

Aviation, Govt. of
v) Current and valid RTR(P)/RTR(C)/RTR Licence issued by Ministry of Communication,
WPC Wing, Govt. of India.

First Officers: -
ii. Current and valid CPL/ ALTP issued by Director General of Civil

Aviation, Govt. of
India. (Note: Preference will be given to candidates having ALTP)
ii) Current and Valid B777 Endorsement on Indian CPL/ALTP
iii) Current and valid Instrument Rating Endorsement on B777 on Indian

iv) Current and valid FRTO Licence issued by Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of
v) Current and valid RTR (P)/RTR (C)/RTR Licence issued by Ministry of Communication,
WPC Wing, Govt. of India.
* Captains:- Minimum of 2000 hours of Airline Jet experience of which at least 500
hrs. should be as PIC on B777 aircraft.
Note: Preference will be given to candidates having more than 1000 hrs as PIC on B777
* First Officers:- Minimum of 500 hours of Airline Jet experience of which minimum
150 hours should be First Officers on B777 aircraft.
Note: Preference will be given to candidates having more than 1000 hrs

Airline Jet
Must possess current and valid Class- I Medical Fitness Certificate issued by DGCA,
Govt. of India at the time of application. (Candidates must have completed their last
Medical / Renewal within preceding 6 months.)
Minimum height: - 152.5 cms. (Candidates are required to produce a certificate from a
Registered Medical Practitioner to this effect.)
E) AGE LIMIT: (As on 01.08.2010)
* Captains:
56 Years (for all categories)
* First Officers:
1. Holding CPL :- (Gen – 40 Yrs; OBC – 43 yrs; SC/ST – 45 yrs.)
2. Holding ALTP: - (Gen – 45 Yrs; OBC – 48 yrs; SC/ST – 50 yrs.)
(Ex-Servicemen will be given age relaxation as per Govt. rules.)

* Eligible candidates will be required to appear for Personal

Interviews and Simulator
Flight Proficiency Test (SFPT) all at Mumbai at their own expenses.
* Only those candidates short-listed after personal interview will be

required to undergo
Note: 1. GEN & OBC candidates ( Both Captains & First Officers) will have to
pay Rs. 35,000/- (Non Refundable) towards the cost of Simulator Check.
2. The above amount should be paid in the form of Demand Draft/Postal Order
drawn in favor of Air-India Payable at Mumbai, prior to the SFPT. (SC / ST
candidates will be exempted from payment of cost of SFPT)
* This advertisement will remain open for a period of 6 months i.e. till 31.01.2011 or till
the advertised number of vacancies are filled up in each category whichever is earlier
subject to company requirement.
* Applications received by 15th of every month, shall be processed for

Interviews at the earliest, preferably in that month itself. Accordingly depending upon
the no. of applications received, a schedule of Selection shall be drawn up and Candidates will be
informed in advance about the same.
* The offers will be made to the shortlisted candidates on completion

of each month’s
selection process.

* Captains :-
Successful candidates on appointment as Captain in NACIL(A) will have to undergo
in-house training as per company syllabus. During the period of their in-house training
they will be offered a consolidated gross emolument of Rs. 3,50,000/- p.m. After
successful completion of the in-house training and release on line as P1, they will be
* First Officers :-
Successful candidates on appointment as First Officers in NACIL(A) will have to
undergo in-house training as per company syllabus. During the period of their inhouse
training they will be offered a consolidated gross emolument of Rs. 1,50,000/-
p.m. After successful completion of the in-house training and release on line as P2,
they will be offered the emoluments AS PER EXISTING B777 INDIAN CONTRACT

* All Pilots are required to give an undertaking to serve NACIL(A) at least for a period of
5 years on completion of their In-house training. Towards this, they are required to
deposit 10 post dated Cheques of Rs.5 lakhs each dated 6 months apart as security
deposit. The applicable cheque will be encashed if he/she does not complete a period
of 5 years of service in NACIL(A)
* The contract may be renewed as per Company requirement.

SC/ST candidates (not employed in Public sector Undertaking / Govt. Dept. etc.) called for
written test/ interview will be reimbursed 2nd class to and fro rail fare by the shortest route
from their residential address as stated in the application form on production of tickets, as
per Company rules.

a) Reservation and Relaxation for SC/ST/OBC candidates will be made as per Govt. of
India rules.
b) SC/ST/OBC candidates must submit proof (attested copy of caste certificate) in
support of their claim that they belong to SC/ST/OBC.
c) Scheduled Castes candidates who were originally professing Hindu religion and have
embraced Neo Buddhism will also be considered for appointment against posts
reserved for Scheduled Caste.
d) SC & ST candidates must submit Validity Certificate (attested copy) issued by the State
Competent Authority.
e) Candidates belonging to OBC category must submit a copy of the parents Income
Certificate for the current financial year in format as prescribed by Govt. of India and
the same should be issued by the competent authority on or before the Crucial Date.
The certificate, inter alia, must specifically state that the candidate does not belong to
socially advanced sections excluded from the benefits of reservations for OBC in Civil
posts and services, under the Govt. of India. His/Her caste should be reflected in the
Central List of OBCs. The certificate should also contain the Clause pertaining to
his/her creamy layer status.
f) Candidates already in service of Government/ Quasi-Government organizations, Public
Sector Undertakings should apply through proper channel.
g) Candidates employed in Govt./Semi Govt./Public sector Undertakings must submit ‘No
Objection Certificate’ from their employer.
h) Candidates must ensure that they fulfill all the eligibility conditions and prescribed
criteria as enumerated in Para. 2 above and the particulars furnished by them in the
application are correct in all respect.
i) Candidates must note that, if any of these shortcomings is/are detected even after the
appointment, his/her services are liable to be terminated.
j) Application once made will not be allowed to be withdrawn and the fee once paid will
not be refunded on any account.
k) Any canvassing by or on behalf of the candidates or other outside influence with
regard to their selection/recruitment shall be considered as a DISQUALIFICATION.
l) Compliance with all applicable DGCA Rules is mandatory.
m) All disputes in this regard shall be subject to Courts in Mumbai.
n) NACIL reserves the right to discontinue the recruitment under this advertisement at
any time before the last date. No correspondence will be entertained in such a case.

* Candidates meeting the above requirements should submit their typed applications in
the prescribed format. Applications forms can be downloaded from

This advertisement shall remain open for a period of approx. 6 months.
The last date of acceptance of application is 31th January 2011. Since this is an
ongoing Selection process, applications received on or before the 15th day of the
respective month will be taken up for selection at the earliest preferably in that particular
month itself. Applications that are received after 15th day of that particular month shall be
taken up for the selection in the subsequent month.

Walk-in for Pilot in Civil Aviation Department at Dehradun

Posted on September 22nd, 2010 in Aviation Jobs, Cadet Jobs, Pilot
Jobs, Uttarakhand Jobs, Walk-In Jobs
Rotary Wing Pilot

Civil Aviation Department, CAD, Walk-in-interview as an Rotary Wing
Pilot, To the O/O Principal Secretary, Civil Aviation Department,
Secretariat Building (East Block Room No. 17), 4, Subhash Road,

Civil Aviation Department, CAD, Walk-in-interview, Candidates should
have a vailed commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence, CHPL, Prefferably
endorset on ES-135 Helicopter with adequate experience. Interested
candidates are requisted to report for an interview at To the O/O
Principal Secretary, Civil Aviation Department, Secretariat Building
(East Block Room No. 17), 4, Subhash Road, Dehradun, with original
Rotary Wing Pilot :
No of Post : 01 post,
Essential Qualification & Experience : Must be Graduate/Postgraduate
with Prefferably endorset on ES-135 Helicopter with adequate
Scale of Pay : As per Qualification & endorset on ES-135 Helicopter
with adequate experience.
Interview Date : 04.10.2010 (Monday),
Time of Reporting : 04.10.2010 (Monday) Morning 11:00 HRS.
Interview Venue : O/O Principal Secretary, Civil Aviation Department,
Secretariat Building (East Block Room No. 17), 4, Subhash Road,


How to apply for above post :
Candidates Walk-in-interview along with original documents, To the O/O
Principal Secretary, Civil Aviation Department, Secretariat Building
(East Block Room No. 17), 4, Subhash Road, Dehradun, on 04.10.2010
(Monday) Morning 11:00 HRS.
Last Date of Application Submission : Walk-in-interview on 04.10.2010
(Monday) Morning 11:00 HRS.

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